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Experience the tangy delight of our Sour Apple Gummies, where each piece strikes the perfect balance between tartness and sweetness. Crafted for those seeking a zesty twist, these gummies deliver a delightful punch of sour apple flavor, complemented by a sweet finish that leaves you craving more. With 10 servings and 375mg per serving, they ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience.

**Key Features:**
- **Zesty Sour Apple Flavor:** Dive into the refreshing taste of sour apples with each gummy, offering a bold and invigorating flavor.
- **Perfectly Portioned:** With 10 gummies per pack, each serving is precisely dosed at 375mg, ensuring a reliable and satisfying experience.
- **High-Quality Ingredients:** Made with granular sugar, liquid glucose, pectin, and a dash of citric acid, our gummies boast a chewy texture with just the right amount of sour kick.
- **Vegan & Gluten-Free:** Catering to all dietary needs, our gummies are vegan and gluten-free, crafted with inclusivity in mind.
- **All-Natural & Enhanced:** Free from artificial additives, our gummies feature natural colors and flavors. Plus, our Proprietary Entheogenic Blend enhances the experience, offering more than just taste.

- Granular Sugar
- Liquid Glucose
- Pectin
- Citric Acid
- Natural Colors
- Natural Flavors
- Proprietary Entheogenic Blend

- **Energizing & Uplifting:** The tangy sour apple flavor combined with our blend offers an energizing and uplifting experience, perfect for enhancing your day.
- **Convenient & Discreet:** Enjoy a burst of flavor and wellness wherever you are, as our gummies provide a discreet and convenient way to enjoy our premium blend.
- **Mindful Indulgence:** Embrace a holistic approach to enjoyment with a treat aligned with your health-conscious lifestyle.

**How to Use:** Simply enjoy one gummy as desired, letting the tartness awaken your senses and the gentle effects unfold. Ideal for a daily pick-me-up or a moment of tangy indulgence.

**Why Choose Us?** Opting for our Sour Apple Gummies means embarking on a flavorful journey with a mindful twist. We prioritize quality and innovation, ensuring each gummy not only delights your taste buds but also aligns with your wellness journey. With us, it's about more than just a snack; it's about the experience.

Embark on a Tangy Adventure with our Sour Apple Gummies. Order now and savor the perfect blend of sour, sweet, and sublime in every bite!

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